KKSB Raspberry Pi Case for Pi Model 3 B (Stainless Steel)

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If you are looking for a case that adds finish to quality and has some different looks to it as compared to the conventional computer cases in the market then the KKSB Raspberry Pi Stainless Steel Case for Pi Model 3 B is what you are looking for. It serves all the needs that you may have, it is designed to support durability while keeping it different while being useful to the maximum.



Here is a list of all the features and specifications of the KKSB Raspberry Pi Case for Pi Model 3 B which must be considered before you make a choice for yourself.

  • The board as well as the I/O connectors are easily accessible for convenience.
  • It has a great design and the product has been finished brilliantly through a process of very efficient laser cutting.
  • KKSB Raspberry Pi Stainless Steel for Pi Model 3 B access to 40-pin GPIO header connectivity via the exit slot.
  • The dimensions are 92mm x 61mm x 29mm.
  • The product package includes a wrench, Hex Screws, hexagonal standoffs.


The KKSB Raspberry Pi Case for Pi Model 3 B (Stainless Steel) is available in two models, one is the classic black while the other is in stainless steel. Both models are equally useful and reliable. You can choose any of these without being worried about the product’s efficiency. Choose what you like and you can count on the model’s reliability as well as utility.


Also fits ASUS TinkerBoard & TinkerBoard S

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